St Pierre Church

The Saint Pierre church is located at one of the highest points of the village.The height of the building – the tower peaks at 52 metres – and its site allow to see it from far away. In the shape of a Latin cross and ogival style, the construction is financed in part by Félix Dehau, who wants to make it a monument of "national scope".


The Bouvines's church's stained-glass windows were painted in the space of eighteen years. They are the result of the will of Félix Dehau, the former mayor.


Each of them represents an event of the Battle of Bouvines, between the Confederates and the King of France.

Each canopy is divided into three parts.

- The bottom contains the noble families's coat-of-arms whose ancestors participated in the battle.

- The central part consists in the table itself.

- and the top part represents a give of medals where angels are painted.


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Monthly visit of the Friends of Bouvines

From March to October, every first Sunday of the month at 05:00pm. Appointment at the church.

Guided tour by the Tourist Office

Member of a group of at least 9 persons and a maximum of 30.


You can call (+33 972 52 85 03) and book your guided tour of the Bouvines's Saint Pierre church.

Subject to availability of the church and guide, and after obtaining a positive return from the Tourist Office, you can get your tickets through our online ticketing service.